The stage was set and we were in for a ride. The expansion of the UPR to a new city is always something we all dream about and equally dread. It's something we all work very hard to accomplish and even after all these years of experience we come at it with tickling bellies and a feeling of great excitement. 

This is no easy task and we owe a great deal of our success to the local team, who made themselves available beyond expectations to get this done for you. To them, Francisca SnelIwona Montel and Arjan Boerlage a big thank you!

Even thou Rotterdam was the obvious choice for a Dutch expansion of our UPR concept it still came as a surprise the great numbers that flooded our registration page. In its first edition Rotterdam broke all our records with a whopping 230+ registrations.


We had a great many people coming from abroad and many others who were just waiting to see it happening in their own city, and now you have it... UPR Rotterdam is here to stay!

Personally I was very curious to see what kind of photography would result from a whole new set of themes and urban landscape. After the dust had settled our participants did not disappoint as you can see from the winning photos.

I leave you with some snapshots of the day and below the Winners photo galleries, enjoy browsing through them, get inspired and see you all in 2018.

Zaterdag weer een leuke dag gehad. Ondanks dat ik vaker foto’s maak in Rotterdam, toch door de UPR weer op plekken geweest waar ik nog niet eerder geweest was.
— Marco Bollaart

Urban Photo Race


Our 2017 jury is handpicked for their keen eye and individual photographic background, they will go at your photos from all angles.

Every year we try to bring you a fresh selection of Jury elements

Our jury elements are a very photography active bunch, please check out their work and learn more about them. They are photographers, educators, gear geeks… you have it all!

Fokko Muller.png

Fokko Muller

He is a Dutch photographer with a special interest in street photography.

" Street photography changed my way of looking into the world. I like being on the streets, seeing the interaction between people and hearing the fragments of their conversations. I enjoy showing people in their daily environment. I like you to take a closer look and wonder what is happening. Sometimes I want to make you smile. My photos are always made with respect for the subject.

I teach street photography workshops, I give lectures on street photography and I published my photo book "The Street". The best thing about street photography is that you walk out the door and never know what you bring home in your camera."

Vincent van Dordrecht.png

Vincent van Dordrecht

Photography began for him at a young age, like a hobby. That hobby soon became a passion and the way to express his creativity. 

"Since I have been a professional photographer, I gained extensive experience by working for many different clients. My expertise includes portraits, sports reports and travel photography. My new passion films bring new ideas, a different view on topics, inspiration and creative challenges. Every day I work with my cameras with pleasure and passion and never hope to let it go.

I do freelance work for: Telegraaf Media Group, Sanoma Media, Q-Music, Roompot Vacations, Made in Rotterdam, Veenman + and IN10"

Marc Haers.png

Marc Haers

With his own vision of how the world works, Marc makes work that fits his own mentality. He focuses on strengthening and developing stories through finding depth and visual creativity. 

His priority is always with the people he works with for the purpose of making something that has not been done before. Marc applies this method in his portrait & conceptual photography, with the result that there are endless possibilities to create a dialogue between the creator, viewer and subject. 

His personal involvement makes for a beautiful marriage between the identity of his subject / customer and his own. This creates a body of work that does not simply consist of photos but pictures of one's own story.





Patrick Dreuning

Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM + Profotonet photo album + Fokko Muller street photo workshop + UPR prints


Marco Bollaart

Foto de Vakman Wizmount CU2 pack + Profotonet photo print + UPR prints


Jurgen Onland

Foto de Vakman Canon Connect Station CS100 + UPR prints




Theme 1 - marco bollaart

"Heartbeat of construction"

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 4 - Ferry Verwijk

"Dulce bellum inexpertis" - Erasmus

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 2 - Marco Bollaart

"Niet lullen maar poetsen" - Make it happen

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 5 - Patrick Dreuning


Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 3 - Sven Hoffmann

"Metropolitan People"

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 6 - Marco Bollaart

"On the move"

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints




Jury Fokko Muller
Jelmer Jeuring

Degreef & Partner Lowepro Toploader zoom 50 AW II black

Jury Vincent van Dordrecht
Patrick Dreuning

Degreef & Partner Joby Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM

Jury Marc Haers
Jurgen Onland

Degreef & Partner Carry Speed DS-2 (Prime) camera sling strap

Website header_00.png



Cosy, warm atmosphere, neat space and last but not least - creative people. The experience of the first and from now on to be annual UPR Rotterdam edition was great. 

Thank you all for being there and sharing this exciting project with us!!! We leave you with some highlights of this year's end event and we hope to see you again next year.





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