The very first edition of the Urban Photo Race... 08 October 2011. The stage was set, we were in for a ride.


The urban photo race was born out of the search/need for some photographic challenges. It is an idea shaped by experience and dedication of friends who gathered around the same passion and filled in the gap of such event in the city.

The first edition of the Urban Photo Race was a private one, not only because we wanted to test the format but also to have a more controlable experience.

We gathered some much needed lessons and usefull tips from our friends who participated. They were crucial to the sucess of future editions as they helped us to tune in all procedures, schedules and rules.

We had a total of 18 participants that finished the 1st edition of the Urban Photo Race, delivering us a total of 324 photos.

The jury, also participating in such event for the first time proved quite resourcefull and helpful for the development of future editions.


Theme 1
Figures in the chaos

Theme 2
Life through the wheels

Theme 3
Self indulging reflections

Theme 4
No fear for colors

Theme 5
Looking up

Theme 6
Virtuous or vicious

1st place

Sergio Gonzalez

Photo prints

2nd place

Guido Kuijvenhoven

Photo prints

3rd place

Beatriz Pineda

Photo prints