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Over the years we've collected wise knowledge from our participants. These are the most common tips & tricks you can have for a successful race day.

Get your photo gear ready

  • Remember to charge your batteries the night before.

  • Bring the charger or extra batteries in case you need it.

  • Format or empty your memory cards.

  • Pack all the gear you think you will need, tripod, flash, lenses, etc…

  • Check your camera settings, last thing you want is to realize you’ve been shooting in the wrong format or ISO.

  • (VERY IMPORTANT) Set your camera date-time to the correct day and hour.

Prepare for race day

  • The race day is going to be a long day, specially when you have to walk/bike the city with all that gear. Bring comfortable shoes and clothes.

  • You will have access to plenty of places to eat and drink, but always carry at least some water with you.

  • If you plan to travel around by tram, make sure you have either a good map or the local tram app. Knowing which tram to take and where to stop is quite important.

  • If you are from out of town, get yourself a paper map, this way you can quickly have access to the locations as we disclose them.

  • We can’t control the weather so be sure to check it the days leading to race day and come prepared in case the weather turns.

  • Plan your day in order to comfortably be in time at the Checkpoints. Don’t arrive late, we will close the CP sharp on time and you will be disqualified if late.

Taking on the themes

  • Remember, creativity is key. Whatever that means for you and how you get it going. ;)

  • We can summarily explain the themes in case you have any questions but we will refrain ourselves from diving into suggestions or deep explanations.

  • Study beforehand other other types of photography or techniques, these might come in hand to tackle an idea for a theme.

  • Be original, don’t just copy other’s ideas if you see someone shooting something. Try to interpret the theme and the subject on your own way. The Jury will appreciate that.

  • There will be several themes (3 themes for S format, 6 themes for M format and 10 themes L format) and you need to deliver 3 photos per theme (9, 18 or 30 photos in total respectively).

  • Always remember to ask permission and be nice to people you photograph on the street. Show them your Race badge, that will surely help break the ice.

Editing and delivering the photos

  • There will be no computers from the organization available for editing the photos at any checkpoint.

  • If you have access to a Laptop or a Pad bring it so that you are able to edit your photos if you need to.

  • Remember to rename your photos before you deliver them, like this:

    • participant #_theme #_photo # (e.g: 123_T1_01.jpg, 123_T1_02.jpg, 123_T1_03.jpg, etc...)

  • If you don’t have access to a computer in order to rename your photos, write down the names of the photo files on a piece of paper before you come to deliver them.

  • You are also allowed to submit your photos by mail (WeTransfer links only). This does not mean you can skip the last CP, you need to personally be present at the CP in order to receive the final stamp on your participant ID. Photos delivered by mail need to arrive at our mailbox before the last CP closing time.