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We would like to congratulate everyone who finished the race and thank you all for making this another successful UPR edition.

Every year we try to bring you to some new location and neighborhood of Amsterdam. This year we chose for a more central route, hitting the bustling city center, taking you along some busy streets and nice an refreshing parks and squares. All in the search for the ultimate UPR photo set.

We are very proud to have had so many participants this year, new and old, beginner and experience photographers came together for this exciting photographic experience. Not only that but we were also very happy to see so much media attention to our event. If you want a recap of the day's event and how it went for some of our participants, please check out the following videos and audio reports.

Valérie Jardin - Audio podcast with Maurice Vliegen

Festival Journaal - Video cast from Salto.nl

Cafe Obscura - Video cast from Niels Kemp Creative and Michel Maat

In the end what matters is that you came and that you did your best to finish and that above all, you had fun participating.

Lovely to see surprised new faces, realizing this is indeed a race and you have to give the energy the whole day, as well as many regular followers, now more laid-back, becoming more picky with their choices.  But, honestly, what we enjoyed and appreciated the most is the interaction with everyone. Even if this is a tight-schedule day, everyone is so collaborative, motivating, giving tips to each other, and giving us constant feedback.

Over the years, the most valuable thing has been the beautiful network formed around this event. We would like to thank Alicia Sanz and Beatriz Pineda, for helping us out with the race day tasks, to all of checkpoint locations we visited and finally all participants for following us and translating our ideas into great images!!! 

We hope to see you all at the exhibition!! In the mean time here's some snapshots of that day.

Huge thanks to the organizers for yet another brilliant UPR event!

Urban Photo Race


Our 2017 jury is handpicked for their keen eye and individual photographic background, they will go at your photos from all angles.

Every year we try to bring you a fresh selection of Jury elements

Our jury elements are a very photography active bunch, please check out their work and learn more about them. They are photographers, educators, gear geeks… you have it all!


Heleen Peeters

Studied photography at London College of Communication after which completed an academic master degree in photographic studies at Leiden University.

Previous photographic projects have been exhibited in group and solo shows at numerous institutions such as Museum M (Leuven, BE), KBC Tower (Antwerp, BE), Felix Meritis (Amsterdam, NL), among many others.

In 2010 she launched her first self-published book ‘Amandla’, as part of an awareness campaign for AIDS orphans in South Africa. She was the picture editor of ‘Harmonie’ and curator at ‘The Art Department’ in Amsterdam. Currently Peeters works as project manager for Paradox, a Dutch documentary photography non-profit, on the production of ‘Turtle 1 – Building a car in Africa’ and ‘Welkom Today’.

Bas Losekoot

Is a Dutch-born artist and photographer, concerned with socio-cultural issues in cities around the world. Working with cinematic apparatus, he is challenging our understanding of reality in everyday city-life as well as the limited narrative potential of representations of truth in documentary photography.

With an intuitive eye, he visualizes the human experience in modern megacities. His practice combines concepts of mobility, social geography and the cinematic. Bas Losekoot holds a BA in Fine Art Photography from the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague and recently graduated for an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London. His work has been exhibited widely in galleries and at festivals including New York Photo Festival, Voies-Off/Les Rencontres d’Arles and Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam.

Theo Niekus

Works on the streets since the mid eighties. He worked on a Image-encyclopedia of behaviour in the public domain for some 16 years titled PASATIEMPO.

Two other publications are PASSANTEN and DAMRAK. He publishes his own photography magazine called REPORT.

Currently working on street-portraits.





Jurgen Onland

Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM + Fokko Muller street photo workshop + UPR photo prints


Timothy Luza

Foto de Vakman Sirui KTV 204 Tripod + UPR photo prints


Hosing Lee

Foto de Vakman Canon Connect Station CS100 + UPR photo prints




Theme 1 - Guillaume Groen

"I finally became an old guy" (Anton Corbijn)

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 4 - Marc Schager


Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 2 - Michiel Witlox

"On track"

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 5 - Sergey Alimskiy

"Body language"

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 3 - Jurgen Onland

"Not close enough"

Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints

Theme 6 - Jurgen Onland


Van Duuren Media Photo book + UPR prints




Jury Heleen Peeters
Ellis Petri

Degreef & Partner Joby Gorillapod SLR-ZOOM + UPR prints


Jury Theo Niekus
Marius van Pijpen

Degreef & Partner Lowepro Toploader zoom 50 AW II black


Jury Bas Losekoot
Rob van Hoorn

Degreef & Partner Carry Speed DS-2 (Prime) camera sling strap + UPR prints




1ST PLACE - Robert de Bock

Fokko Muller "The Street" photo book + UPR prints

UPR AMS - Global Theme - 1st_Robert de Bock.jpg

2ND PLACE - Perle Laouenan-Catchpole

Fokko Muller "The Street" photo book + UPR prints

UPR AMS - Global Theme - 2nd_Perle Laouenan-Catchpole.jpg

3RD PLACE - Yvette de Bruin

Fokko Muller "The Street" photo book + UPR prints

UPR AMS - Global Theme - 3rd_Yvette de Bruin.jpg
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2017 is done... Let's welcome 2018 with open arms!

Last Saturday the 9th of December, we organized the final event of the UPR AMS 17. A great exhibition with all of the participants photos exhibited and the awards ceremony with almost all of the 13 winners of this year edition.

The event took place at Dokzaal, a venue that we really like as it allows us to exhibit not only the winners in big format but also to showcase all of the participants photos. We had the pleasure to host many of the participants, sponsors, collaborators and friends.

Thank you all for being there and sharing this exciting project with us!!! We leave you with some highlights of this year's end event and we hope to see you again next year.





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