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On April the 6th 2019, UPR will organize a Meetup / Pop-up race in Utrecht. The meetup is all about meeting/practicing and is for everyone who is going to or plan to participate in the UPR Rotterdam on 8th June.

During the meetup we will organize a real pop-up race with 3 themes and 3 checkpoints. At the end of the day we will look for a nice place in the centre of Utrecht, where we’ll exchange experiences with each other over a drink.

Join us and get yourself ready for race day.

*This event is free to participate.


Meeting Point Utrecht Centraal (Under the cloud)



  • 11:30 - 12:00 Gather at Meeting point Utrecht Centraal

  • 12:00 - 12:15 Explanation pop-up race

  • 12:15 - 18:00 Pop-up race (3 themes en 3 checkpoints)

  • 17:30 - 18:00 Last checkpoint open (18:00 end pop-up race)

  • 18:00 onwards, drinks wint participants

  • Next day before 17:00 - deliver 3 photos per theme (via WeTransfer)

  • Before end of April 2019 announcement best 3 photographers


Participation in the meetup and pop-up race is free. In any case we like to be prepared so we would love to know who’s coming. Please confirm your participation through the registration button on the left (Facebook event) so that we can prepare ourselves better.




We know it’s not about the awards, but we can’t have a winner and not give you nothing, so we’re giving away free entries to the upcoming UPR races.


3 Best Photographers

  • UPR - World ticket for upcoming 2019 races

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Eli Dijkers

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Eli Dijkers (1978) was born and raised in The Netherlands. He graduated from the Academy of Photography in Rotterdam in 2012, after having been awarded a PhD in Pharmacy, Nuclear Medicine and Oncology. Since then he has received many recognitions for his photographic work, including multiple Honourable Mentions at the Black & White Spider Awards, Commended photographer in the Sony World Photography Awards and several Honourable Mentions at the Monochrome awards. He was winner of the Porta Coeli Artist Residency Award at the XIth edition of the International Contemporary Art Biennale of Florence and awarded Ilford MASTER in 2018, together with Sebastião Salgado.

Eli graduated the academy of photography with his interpretation of the city he lives in, Rotterdam, titled Temporal Existence. Post-graduation, he was one out of 12 photographers selected to document the city of Rotterdam. In addition, he is author of the self-published book Enigma, a confronting series of images about daily life on the streets of India. 

The Jury for this Meetup / Pop-up race is a special invite all the way from Rotterdam. Eli Dijkers is a member of the international collective Noise, Pictura, Karmijn and DCP. His work is represented by gallery Deelen Art in Rotterdam.

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Congratulations to everyone who finished and successfully delivered their photos for the first UPR Meetup / Pop-up Race event of this year. This was a great way to get ready for race day. We tested out our gear and agility to move around and snap photos on a tight schedule.

The Jury (Eli Dijkers) has selected his favourite 3 sets and we will award the winners with UPR World tickets.

These were the Meetup themes:

T1 - I like your style!
T2 - Light and shadow
T3 - The other side


Helder Ferreira

Award - UPR World Ticket


Jana van’t Land

Award - UPR World Ticket


Saskia van Gelderen

Award - UPR World Ticket

The photographers showed a surprisingly wide selection of images. Almost everyone has succeeded in making at least one, but often several, beautiful images. That is quite an achievement given the time constraints and the imposed themes. What is also striking is that it is difficult for many photographers to work in series; often it flies in all directions or there is just too much overlap. Some people always know how to use exciting light and choose the moments well. Switching within a series between black and white and color can work, but often it distracts too much.
— Eli Dijkers