[fade]In a nutshell, we're a photo marathon... in a more creative way we're the ultimate challenge for any street photographer.

Participants are challenged to make photo series (3 photos per theme) within a given time limit while walking the city from checkpoint to checkpoint.

The themes are disclosed throughout the day at scheduled moments and different venues (checkpoints). The purpose is to give you, the participant, an opportunity to see and look at the city in a different way, to discover new places and to meet other street savvy photographers while using your creativity to interpret and translate different themes into photographs.[/fade]

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ALL SIZES[/fade]

[fade]From those who can't be out there the whole day and just want a taste of the UPR, to those who can't get enough, we got you all covered.

This year we're doing three events in one. S, M, L are the new UPR sizes and they go for 6h (3 themes), 12h (6 themes) and 24h (10 themes) respectively.

Which one are you? Pick your size and join us in this all new exciting race formats.[/fade]



[fade]We want to bring the UPR experience to more people and because not everyone can come to our events we're taking the event to them.

The Instagram Photo Contest is a monthly challenge where we ask our followers to take a set of 3 photos of a given theme.

The winners will be announced at the end of each month and they will not only get posted on our feed but also win awards.[/fade]

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Our new sponsor Olympus will kindly host a Touch and Try session where you can experience their latest and best gear for street photography.

On that same day you can join Fokko Muller, street photographer, Olympus visionary and UPR Jury; Jurgen Onland, street photographer and UPR winner of several awards including 1st place UPR LDN 18 and learn all about their experience on the UPR.

* The speaks will be done in Dutch.




After last year's very successful edition we're coming back for more. Rotterdam is a big city and we haven't even scratch the surface of what we can do here.

Even thou this will be the only event in the Netherlands this year, we’ve packed it in full. From 3 UPR race formats (S, M, L), to a race day Olympus Touch & Try competition, not to mention all the pre-race events.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to challenge yourself and join us in yet another epic Urban Photo Race.

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It is a competition after all, so yes, we have rules. Please read them carefully.

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We get the same questions all the time, that's why we compiled some answers.


Doing an UPR for the first time can be quite challenging, here's some tips from the best players in the field.