On 20th July 2013 we proudly hosted yet another Urban Photo Race event, already our 3rd edition.


About 120 photographers from all corners and backgrounds joined us in this massive gathering to explore and photograph the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We even made a video... check it out!

It was a great way to explore the city and to challenge ourselves to go from east to west, sometimes getting lost but ending with surprising pictures. Thanks!
— Ana Maia

Theme 1
Men at work

Theme 2
In motion

Theme 3
Nature is everywhere

Theme 4
I like your style

Theme 5
Hidden details

Theme 6
Light and shadow

1st place

Shuying Lin

200€ money award
100€ Camera Warehouse gift
Photo prints

2nd place

Sónia Arrepia

100€ money award
50€ Camera Warehouse gift
Photo prints

3rd place

Sergio Gonzalez

50€ money award
25€ Camera Warehouse gift
Photo prints