Urban Photo Race #2, our first public edition!

This was yet another great photographic moment, full of very interesting and different people. Our goal was to give you the opportunity to experience photography and the city in a new way, from your comments I believe we accomplished that!

Well done Urban Photo Race team on a great event! Really good fun and very well organised. Do we really have to wait a year to do it again?!?
— Perle Laouenan-Catchpole

Theme 1
Meet your stranger

Theme 2
Silhouettes and reflections

Theme 3
Counter culture

Theme 4
Out of plain view

Theme 5
Rush hour

Theme 6
The other side

1st place

Sander Moerman

300€ money award
Photo prints

2nd place

Sergio Gonzalez

150€ money award
Photo prints

3rd place

Antony Rocca

50€ money award
Photo prints