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The UPR is plain and simple a photo marathon. We haven't invented the wheel, although sometimes it does feel like it.

In a nutshell, participants are asked to make a series of photos based on themes that are disclosed on the day itself, as they walk through the city along given checkpoints within a certain timeframe. For the UPR that means you need to make a series of 3 photos per theme, which can vary depending on the event (day events are 6 themes and night events are 3 themes). In the end you need to deliver either 18 or 9 photos depending on the event.

There are a lot of photo marathons around the world (map) and each one of them explores this concept in their very own way. Throughout the years we have worked and tweaked our UPR concept to fit our participants and also to make this a unique event. We are very proud of what we accomplished and hope to continue to do so for a very long time.

UPR concept

The Urban Photo Race is a digital photo contest taking place in several cities at different dates.

Throughout the day participants are challenged to make photo series (3 photos per theme) within a given time limit. These themes will be disclosed at scheduled and different venues (checkpoints). The purpose is to give participants an opportunity to see and look at the city in a different way, to discover new places and to meet other urban savvy photographers while using their creativity to interpret and translate different themes into photographs.

After the race day, the photos are submitted to the Jury for voting. This normally take some time as they need to go through thousands of photos and select the best sets and best themes.

Winners are later announced in a closing event where we deliver awards and hold a photo exhibition.

Stichting Urban Photo Race

Stichting Urban Photo Race is a foundation created with the goal of promoting and creating a community around photography. To exhibit the works of upcoming photography artists winners of the UPR event. To inspire and expand the scope of urban photography to other cities around the world. To connect and collaborate with other photo related entities that share the same photography vision.

Press Kit - UPR 2018

Here you can find all the info about our upcoming races as well as our graphic assets for your posts. Thank you for your support!





The Urban Photo Race is a joint venture from a group of friends with a common passion for Photography. Together we work hard to bring you the best and most exciting Street Photography event possible. 

As the UPR grows so does the team with the addition of local members, friends and collaborators.

JOIN the team

We're always looking for motivated and enthusiastic team members to help us develop this ever growing beast of an event. If you are curious about the inner workings of our event or want to learn how we set up and organise our great UPR races, then send us a mail and we'll tell you all about it.

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Luis Monteiro.png

Luis Monteiro

Co-founder and chairman of the Stichting Urban Photo Race. Luis leads and oversees the organisation of all events and local teams.

He's an architect, photographer and videographer. Partner at Aware Media a video and photography production company, Ironman finisher and student of the martial art Shinkendo.

Nutabi Camargo.png

Nutabi camargo

Co-founder and board member of the Stichting Urban Photo Race. Nutabi focus is on searching for venues and checkpoint locations as well as lead theme brainstormer.

She's a researcher and brain investigator with a big passion for creativity.

Tiago Rosado.png


Co-founder and board member of the Stichting Urban Photo Race. Tiago searches for Jury members as well as designs and produces the UPR exhibitions.

He's a photographer and videographer. He’s also a trekking aficionado and partner at Aware Media a video and photography production company.

Kashin Jeffrey Liu.png

Kashin Jeffrey Liu

Board member of the Stichting Urban Photo Race. Jeffrey focus is on all Sponsoring and promotion related topics.

He's an architectural Engineer, 3D Printing researcher and Co-founder of Stichting Xiao

Francisca Snel.png

Francisca Snel - UPR RTD

Street and Travel Photographer as well  as Account Manager for a storage terminal in the Rotterdam harbour. In her spare time she likes to play the harp, ride the motorcycle and practice cross-fit.

Arjan Boerlage.png

Arjan Boerlage - UPR RTD

Photographer with 20 year of experience. His specialities are portraits and food photography. Recently he has also started Keezr.nl, a new platform for emerging photographers.

Iwona Montel.png

Iwona Montel - UPR RTD

Freelance photographer, teacher and founder of AIM-FRAME PHOTOGRAPHY. In her work she enjoys merging contemporary portrait with documental work. Ready to explore and share her views on cities hidden gems.

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