The Urban Photo Race is a joint venture from a group of friends with a common passion for Photography. Together we work hard to bring you the best and most exciting Street Photography event possible. 

As the UPR grows so does the team with the addition of local members, friends and collaborators.

Francisca Snel.png

Francisca Snel

Street and Travel Photographer as well  as Account Manager for a storage terminal in the Rotterdam harbour. In her spare time she likes to play the harp, ride the motorcycle and practice cross-fit.

Arjan Boerlage.png

Arjan Boerlage

Photographer with 20 year of experience. His specialities are portraits and food photography. Recently he has also started Keezr.nl, a new platform for emerging photographers.

Iwona Montel.png

Iwona Montel

Freelance photographer, teacher and founder of AIM-FRAME PHOTOGRAPHY. In her work she enjoys merging contemporary portrait with documental work. Ready to explore and share her views on cities hidden gems.