Berlin was a success!

On the 10 of October, the Urban Photo Race took place in Berlin for the first time.

Autumn had started, leaves had fallen in some corners of the city, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. One of those where everything shines and the low sun enhances contrast.

As in Amsterdam, we had an enthusiastic group of people, ranging from beginners to advanced photographers, and from a wide range of nationalities. Participants from Italy, Spain, Germany, India, Venezuela, Colombia and China got together to share advices, tips and anecdotes with each other.

We were also happy to see a few faces from our Amsterdam followers. We encourage everyone that likes our events to give it a try at our international venues and be part of our expansion. All you need is your skills, motivation, imagination and of course a plane ticket… we take care of the rest.

From the 17 participants that checked in at the first checkpoint, 16 made it to the final one and all photos submitted were accepted. We have the results from three jury members, from whom we will reveal the profile at the exhibition.

The winners of this year event will be announced at the exhibition, so come and be the first one to find it out!!!