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Annette Schwichtenberg

1st Urban Photo Race Paris Coordinator, I am a member of photoclub Paris Val-de-Bièvre for many years now, as a photographer and workshop animator.

In my time-off, I travel, often solo and take photographs of places both strange and quiet. I like to lose myself in a book or a map and have a great passion for hiking and endurance sports. Apart from these precious mind and body escapes, I work in publishing for an international organisation.

Anterion Frederic.png

Anterion Frederic

Photography is a long life companion, from my 1st Kodac Retinette to a digital camera, from Parisian streets to far-off countries, so many faces and landscapes captured, so much progress made!

I live my passion for photography as a photographer and animator at the Photoclub Paris Val-de-Bièvre since 2009, but I am also very fond of jazz and classical music, and play the guitar.

After a long career in the IT industry, I have launched my own consulting business, BRAINNOV, in artificial intelligence, the next revolution!

Gilles Hanauer.png

Gilles Hanauer

Photography is a recent business, I only started in 2006 with the digital world. Long live technology ... good-bye to chemistry!

I travelled around the world for many years for a multinational company and have kept the taste of travel. I still do a lot of traveling, especially in Japan which I have visited regularly for over 40 years now and where I expose every year.

Being rather hyperactive and curious, I began to publish novels, to give electric guitar in a small group of blues a try, after practicing classical singing for 20 years, accompanying me still the shower.

An open eye and mind, my leitmotif every morning : feeling the urge to act to keep alive ! and