Time to reset the clock back to 365!

We would like to thank everyone for making this a successful UPR edition and congratulate all those that finished, we know is hard work.

This year we had 116 finishers, which accounts for a whooping 2088 photos delivered. Lovely to see surprised new faces, realizing this is indeed a race and you have to give the energy the whole day, as well as many regular followers, now more laid-back, becoming more picky with their choices.  But, honestly, what we enjoyed and appreciated the most is the interaction with everyone. Even if this is a tight-schedule day, everyone is so collaborative, motivating, giving tips to each other, and giving us constant feedback.

Next stage of the process is the voting for the winning photos, both from the overall UPR competition and the extra Global Theme. The global theme will be voted by the organisation team of the UPR and we will have the results of this one in a couple weeks. The UPR winners selection will take longer, the time for our Jury members to go through all the submitted photos. We should expect to have a final winners list in a couple months, so you can relax for now, we'll let you know if you won it.

Over the years, the most valuable thing has been the beautiful network formed around this event. We would like to thank Alicia Sanz and Beatriz Pineda, for helping us out with the race day tasks, to all of checkpoint locations we visited and finally all participants for following us and translating our ideas into great images!!! 

We hope to see you all at the exhibition!! In the mean time here's some snapshots of that day.