Urban Photo Race rules

This document is intended to be used as an extended information board about the rules and guidelines in which our contest is based. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or serious amateur, these rules are designed so that everyone can participate in an even play field.

Please read them carefully and if you have any additional question, feel free to contact us.


1. Registration

Registrations are made online through our website or Facebook forms. Registrations are complete are buying a ticket. These can be acquired in three different stages leading up to the event day (early bird, normal ticket and late entry). Online tickets will be sold up until 1 week to race day. You can still participate by buying a day entry on the day of the race itself.

Cancellation requests must be made through mail notification and send to the organizing team. Refunds are valid till 1 month before the race date and only up to the ticket value, we do not refund the service costs of the webshop.

2. Start and checkpoints

The photo race starts at 10:00 and finishes at 22:00. At the start of the race (checkpoint 1) participants will be given a starters kit which will include the participant's ID and the first themes of the day. The participants ID is personal and should be with you at all times, specially when you come to the next checkpoints to receive your next themes. Here you are required to present your participants ID so that we can stamp it. Every participant has to be present at every checkpoint personally. Any missed checkpoints will result in disqualification.

At the end of the day (from 19:00 till 22:00), at the last checkpoint, all photos are to be transferred to the organization's computers.

You have to be at the last checkpoint with all your photos selected and ready to be transferred before 22:00!!!

3. Photo race day

The Urban Photo Race consists on taking 18 photos divided in 6 themes (3 photos per theme).

In order to facilitate the process of delivery please have your photos previously selected and renamed to fit the theme order. Please rename your photos like this: participant number_theme number_photo number (e.g.: 123_T1_01, 123_T2_03, etc…)

If you don’t have access to a computer to sort out your photos, write them down on a paper so that the process of delivery can go as swift as possible. You will not be able to choose them at the delivery time.

The photos do not need to be taken in order of the received themes. Keep in mind that leaving a theme for later shooting will shorten your time for the remaining photos and any necessary post processing, so be sure to manage well your time.

3a. Organization

The organizing team is responsible for managing all aspects of the photo race, presence at checkpoints, upholding race schedules, delivery of theme cards and receiving photo submissions at the end of the race.

Although we will promptly answer any related questions to the photo race event, we will not discuss the themes and we are not responsible for any misunderstandings.

3b. Participants

All participants are to secure their own means of transportation as well as all necessary (digital) photo gear. Be sure to check your gear, charge the batteries and empty your memory cards.

Every participant is responsible for presenting himself/herself and to collect the race card at every checkpoint, personally and within the scheduled time. 

Participants are responsible for the authenticity of their photos, it is not allowed to download or use photos from any source rather than the ones taken by your camera during the photo race event.

It is allowed to use any and all digital photographic cameras, including mobile and smart phones but be sure to check chapter 4 for editing limitations and delivery conditions (contestants should be able to give us the photos on a memory card or any portable drive).

There won't be any computers available to participants, so If you have one, bring a laptop to edit and select your photos. Otherwise we suggest you shoot in JPEG and that you write down your selection on a piece of paper.

3c. Reason for disqualification

All submitted photos will be screened by the organizing team in order to detect possible violations of the regulations. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant that fails to comply with the rules & guidelines stated in this document.

• Failing to personally check-in at any given checkpoint within the allowed time.
• Failing to deliver all 18 photos at the last checkpoint.
• Over editing your photos, apart from the allowed post-processing adjustments (check chapter 4)
• Downloading or using photos that were not taken by the participant during the photo race.

4. Editing and delivery of photos

Participants are allowed to make minor editing adjustments on the submitted photos such as:

• exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrance and white balance.
• alignment and cropping.
• to shoot in RAW as long as you deliver in JPG.
• to shoot or convert to black and white.

Participants are expressly prohibited to make changes that radically change the photos like, add or subtract elements to the photos.

Ultimately it's up to the participant to decide to what extend you want to edit your photos. General rule is that if you can prove you made it in-camera then it's allowed. We will send all accepted photos to the Jury and the winners will be asked to send their original files. If there is any suspicion that the photos have been edited beyond acceptable we will disqualify it.

At the race day we will have card readers for the most used formats, if you use anything out of the ordinary then bring a way to connect it to our laptops. Still, best thing to do would be to bring your photos on a pen drive.

In order to speed up the delivery process we are now allowing participants to deliver their photos by mail. This can be done by sending an e-mail to (info@urbanphotorace.com). Be advised that you still need to get your ID card validated and stamped, meaning you have to personally be at the last checkpoint before 22h. You do this e-mail delivery process by your own responsibility, we do not take responsibility by mail delivery errors or any other problems that might occur with this process. We advise that you confirm with us, on the spot, that we have received your photos.

5. Jury and awards

The Jury is composed by elements nominated by the organizing team and will receive all photos renamed and coded for anonymity purposes. They will select the best 3 photographers set’s (all 18 photos), the best themes and a Jury favourite.

All winners will be awarded with t.b.a. awards and the prints of their photos.

The winners will be announced as soon as the Jury has made their selection and the awards will be given in an exhibition of their work.

6. Terms and conditions

All photos in contest remain the sole property of its authors, but the Urban Photo Race reserves the right to use them for promotion of this event, both online and in printed format. By buying a ticket for an Urban Photo Race event you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept the rules and guidelines hereby written.