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Challenge your view of the city


Twelve hours
Six themes
Eighteen photos
Four checkpoints

Relax… No need to hurry, or maybe you do! Go against the clock and snap your way to the finish line. Take as many photos as you want but in the end, 18 is all you need.

A city to be explored… Find all the hidden corners and discover new places.

Remember, creativity is the key.


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Our 2017 jury is handpicked for their keen eye and individual photographic background, they will go at your photos from all angles.

Every year we try to bring you a fresh selection of Jury elements

Our jury elements are a very photography active bunch, please check out their work and learn more about them. They are photographers, educators, gear geeks… you have it all!

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Manolo Ty

Manolo Ty comes from the industrial region of Hagen, in Germany.

His love for photography and his need to explore the world out of the boundaries of his grey homeland, brought him to travel the world and experience various professional experiences: he was involved in film projects in Thailand, worked in a television production company in Cologne and became manager of a luxury hotel in Budapest. Instead of opening his own hotel during a journey in the Caribbean he made the resolution to dedicate his life to the arts instead. He is ever since a solo travel photographer based in Berlin.

Rainer Jordan.png

Rainer Jordan

Rainer Jordan started his career as theatre lighting technician, he dedicated himself to Photojournalism and studied Photography techniques.

After his studies he opened his own Photographic Studio where he is working now.

He has been involved in 12 photographic exhibitions (as photographer or curator) and he teaches individual analogical and digital Photography workshops (for beginners, medium level and professionals).

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Victor Hugo Gutierrez

Victor Hugo Gutierrez (Colombia, 1975) studied Film and Television Production at the EICTV in Cuba and Camera Technics at the University for Applied Sciences in Dortmund.

He joined as a Fellow the department of Audiovisual Dramaturgics in the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

His background developed his approach towards Photography - a narrative dispositive.

Check out what we've been doing in Berlin for the last years!

We created the Urban Photo Race back in 2011 in Amsterdam and 2015 in Berlin, and although it's not that long ago we're very proud of the work that our participants have done since then, while participating in our race.

Showcasing our winning participants in a hall of fame is the least we could do.

Check out our previous events and winners, if for nothing else, take it as inspiration for the upcoming one. ;)

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Our newly formed team in Berlin comes full of energy to take the Urban Photo Race to the streets.

The Urban Photo Race has been challenging savvy photographer in the classic yet avant-garde city of Amsterdam for a while. A new city demands a new team and together with you we want to unravel the special details of Berlin and the vision of its trendy yet organic crowd.


Nutabi Camargo

Researcher and brain investigator with a big passion for creativity.

Marta Orlando

Marta is a researcher in neuroscience. She is passionate about contemporary and modern literature and art. Above all she likes to learn, travel and eat good food.

Mayur Vadhvani

Neuroscience researcher with a deep interest in photography. Enjoys traveling and networking with people.

Philipp Wolfart.png

Philipp Wolfart

Project Manager and Engineer with deep-rooted passion for photography.

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